Getting started

To use the GuildStats.NET program requires combat log files, so the first thing you need to do is enable logging. You have to enable combat logging at the start of each game session. 

Enable combat logging in Rift: /combatlog in chat console
Enable combat logging in Age of Conan: /logcombatlon in chat console
Enable combat logging in Star wars , read here
Enable combat logging for The Secret world ( TSW), read here

How to view the stats:

There are two basic ways of getting stats/data in GuildStats.NET, one being the parsing old log files from previous times you played or in real time using the MinimalUI.

Method 1

Commonly used if you are checking old logs or publishing events
1)Click on the Add File
2) Select a combat log file ( Example: CombatLog-2008-06-04_2224.txt or just combatlog.txt )
3) Click Parse
4) GuildStats.NET will now parse the file, and generate your stats

Method 2

Commonly used when your playing, so you get stats when your are playing
This method is very usefull to get information when you are playing, it provides all the features of the above method but in real time with a minimal UI so you can have it running with your game in windowed mode. More information can be found here